Golem Stories - reviews

“Golem Stories’ skillful direction, enthusiastic young cast, and fresh approach to the well-known story of the Golem of Prague give the play an energy and excitement that many larger scale productions don't have ... In it simplicity and directness, Golem Stories is a reminder of the supernatural quality of the theater, which can transform the most basic elements of speech and play into something magical.”

The Jewish Standard, October 24, 2003

“It really is quite wonderful.”

Hi! Drama

“Edward Einhorn has skillfully written a fairy tale and love story for adults. His writing gives the players great opportunities, such as Rifka's fake mad scene which is executed with great aplomb. The style is an absurd fantasy; and as the best of the absurd genre, more than a hint of truth is borrowed from the real world.”

Stage Pages

“Rather than simply retell the legend of the Golem, Edward Einhorn has skillfully woven the original into yet a new cautionary tale; In sum: our words are more powerful than we imagine.”


“Einhorn should be commended for seeking the deeper meaning behind the Golem legends.”

Off-Off Broadway Review